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Our Story


DNH Destinations is me (David) and my fiancé Noelle. Between the two of us we have 5 grown children, Kevin, Becky, Josh, Christian and Sean.


Together we are a fun-loving blended family. Not always perfect but “This is us”. Some of the time it’s just Noelle and I traveling, while most of the time we have a large group we travel with which became our “Traveling Group of Friends".


Our Travels:

We booked our first cruise together in the Fall of 2020 to set sail in the Summer of 2022 with a big group of friends and colleagues and thus our “Traveling Group” of friends was born. Everyone talked and all agreed we needed to go somewhere as a way of getting over Covid. So where should we go? 

So many places to choose from. Since we’re all from the Boston area it only seemed right to take the Boston to Bermuda Cruise on NCL. So easy and right on our doorstep.

I had been to Bermuda before but Noelle had not. Needless to say, she fell in LOVE with the Island and insisted we go the next year with all the kids so they could experience the beauty that is Bermuda.

2023 was our first family/friend’s cruise. We brought all the kids, our friends, parents, even Noelle’s ex-husband. Don’t judge lol. The more the merrier.

When we were planning our first cruise, we discovered so many wonderful YouTube Informational Videos and Vlogs. It was at that point we started talking about the possibility of opening a Travel Agency and since I’ve always been the coordinator of the big group vacations the idea was not that far-fetched.

We have been so fortunate to be able to get away numerous times a year. We go to New Hampshire often and fly to Nashville for long weekends.


We have an Alaskan Cruise planned for the end of June this year with a group of almost 40 people. We love to travel and love sharing our experiences with others. So come along and TRAVEL with us.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Travel Knowledge
Tailor-Made Holidays
Global Reach


"DNH Destinations made planning our honeymoon a breeze. They took care of every detail, and we had the most magical time."
- Jack and Emily -

"I've traveled the world, but my recent trip planned by DNH Destinations was by far the best. They truly listened to my preferences and crafted a trip that exceeded my expectations."
- Sarah T. -

"I can't recommend DNH Destinations enough. They took care of everything, from flights to accommodations to excursions, and made sure we had a stress-free and enjoyable vacation."
- Mark and Lisa -

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